Sunday, May 20

2:00-4:00 PM

DigiPen Institute of Technology

9931 Willows Road, Redmond

How are some games like Pokemon Go, Legend of Zelda, and Final Fantasy made into global phenomena? Why are games like Yo-Kai Watch, which is so popular in Japan, isolated to that country and not experiencing the same boom abroad? What cultural and regional differences should be taken most into account when re-producing games in a new market and how can these differences be considered for in other industries?

Our expert panel will tackle these questions and any others you may have on May 20. After an audience Q&A session, take a tour of DigiPen Institute, one of the premier game design education centers in the world!

This is the perfect event for students and anyone interested in pursuing a career in gaming.

Featured Speakers:

Paul Chavez, Senior Producer at DoubleDown Interactive

Matt Brunner, Lecturer at DigiPen Institute and Chief Creative Officer of Airtight Games (2004-2014)

Rod Chang, Director for Minecraft Global Development


Admission: $5

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