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    Meet Our Small Business Resiliency Program Coordinators

    Kiersten Zug  カーステン ザッグ
    Small Business Resiliency Program Coordinator


    2019年から2021年までJET 国際交流員として福島市で働かせていただき、2020年東京オリンピック野球・ソフトボール競技大会の開催を支援しました。



    Kiersten joined JASSW after moving to Seattle in late 2021. Previously, she was a JET CIR based in Fukushima City from 2019-2021 where she helped the city host the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Baseball and Softball Games. She is thrilled to be able to continue engaging with the Japanese community and use her Japanese language skills.

    Asako Tateishi
    Small Business Resiliency Program Coordinator


    2008年の経済危機を機にシアトルへ移り、パートナーと二人でのマイクロビジネスとして「ジャパン・クリエイティブアーツ」を立ち上げ「太鼓の学校/The School of TAIKO」を運営、2014年より「Bellevue World TAIKO Festival をプロデュースするなど、主に邦楽を通じて日本の魅力をアメリカで伝える活動を行っている。


    Born in Tsu City, Mie Prefecture of Japan.

    After the 2008 financial crisis, she moved to Seattle and founded the microbusiness, “Japan Creative Arts” in 2009 which provided Japanese music, arts and culture mainly though “The School of TAIKO/太鼓の学校”.  In addition, in 2014 she started to produce the “Bellevue World TAIKO Festival” to introduce and promote high quality, unique Japanese culture.

    She is pleased to take part in this new project to support the community in Japanese, taking advantage of her experience running a small business in the United States as a Japanese immigrant, to surviving the current challenging days due to COVID-19.