Building Bridges to the Next Century

For 100 remarkable years, JASSW has forged friendship and understanding between the peoples of Japan and Washington State.

We delight in bringing people together in so many ways:

  • From classrooms to boardrooms
  • Lively discussions with community partners
  • In-person opportunities to learn from and celebrate each other

We also participate in the national network of JAS organizations to sustain and strengthen the vital U.S.-Japan relationship.

It is an important mission, but it is also lots of fun.

Join us in helping shape the next 100 years of the Japan-U.S. relationship through educational, cultural, business and opportunities for life-long friendships.

Thank You to Our Centennial 百寿 Milestone Sponsors!



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Sara Sandford

The Farmer Family

Takeo Sato

Karin Zaugg Black and Dan Black

Tom and Yoko Sasaki

Toshi Kawachi

Akiko Sato

Yoshi Minegishi

Kenichi Uchikura

*For 2023, sponsors in each level are listed in order of when the sponsorship was received.


List of Our Past Interns

Chihiro MatsuoJune 29, 2022 ~ September 2, 2022
Moena YamakawaJune 29, 2022 ~ August 19, 2022
Jiwoo JungApril 4, 2022 ~ July 31, 2022
Satoshi MikiJune 2022
Sponsor Name(s)Kenneth Vern Farmer
Kyle Keita Farmer
Paul Kenji Farmer
Shoko Tamaki Farmer
Sponsor TypeIndividual
Sponsor LevelUme
Association with JASSWJIS/AIS Volunteer: 2005 – Present
Education Committee Chair 2015 - 2019
Chair 2022-2023
MessageCongratulations to JASSW for 100 year milestone.
BirthplaceKenneth Vern Farmer – Texas, USA
Kyle Keita Farmer – Washington, USA
Paul Kenji Farmer – Washington, USA
Shoko Tamaki Farmer – Okinawa, Japan
Sponsor NameSara Sandford
Sponsor TypeIndividual
Sponsor LevelUme
Association with JASSWChair 2002-2003
MessageCongratulations to Japan-America Society of the State of Washington on its 100th anniversary.  May the organization and all of its members carry on for another century the wonderful work of JASSW of the past 100 years -- continuing to further cross-cultural understanding and appreciation between the people of Washington and Japan.  You are an outstanding example for the world at large of how regular, varied activities can be the bridge to higher understanding and appreciation of one another.  
BirthplacePortland, Oregon, USA
Sponsor NameAkiko Sato
Sponsor TypeIndividual
Sponsor LevelUme
Association with JASSWProgram and Operations Director of JASSW: 2009 ~ Current
MessageBest wishes to keep the strong bond between Japan and the United States.
BirthplaceHiroshima, Japan
Sponsor NameRussell Investments
Sponsor TypeCorporate
Sponsor LevelKiku
Association with JASSWAdam Goff – Chair 2017 – 2018
Shoko Farmer – Chair 2022-2023
Yoshie Phillips – Education Committee Member
Mayumi Ohata – Volunteer
MessageCongratulations to JASSW for 100 year milestone. Commitment to community is one of our core values.  Russell has been a corporate member of the Japan-America Society of the State of Washington since 1994.  We’re proud to support the mission of JASSW for the next century.