Happy Holidays from all of us at the Society! I hope that 2021 is wrapping up nicely and you are looking forward to the new year! We thank all of you and your support this year, whether it be donating to our programs, joining our events, liking us on social media, or simply perusing our website from time to time. We look forward to welcoming 2022 and we already have a few events lined up for the new year!

We had our 98th Holiday Celebration and Dinner this past November 30th, and thanks to all of our auction bidders, donors, sponsors, and livestream viewers, we were able to raise over $96,000 towards our programs, including our unique Japan in the Schools and America in the Schools education programs! If you missed the livestream, you can watch the recording of it on Youtube here

We’re already in the midst of planning out fun and engaging events for the new year, but if can’t wait to help support us, below are some ways you can!

Join our Holiday Card Exchange Program! We are accepting both digital and physical cards until December 27th!
Give to The Society! We accept donations of cash, vehicles, and stock. We are always welcoming new members as well!
We will have a Shinnen-kai on January 25th to welcome the new year! Join us and make sure to enter the Second Chance Raffle, where you can win the newest iPad 9th Generation! More information about the Shinnen-kai can be found here.