Announcing the next event in our Virtual Speaker Series: Japan’s “Emergency Declaration” and Measures to Control the Virus.

Japan’s Rate of COVID-19 infections is far lower than the US and other western countries. There is an ongoing debate over the reasons why. PM Abe’s emergency declaration, in effect from April 7 through May 25, did not adopt penalties for non-compliance. Meanwhile, public health measures somehow became entangled in demands to revise Japan’s Constitution.

We hope you will join us on June 24th at 12:00 PM PT as we sort through these issues and seek a deeper understanding of the state of Japan today

Event Topics:

  • Legal restrictions to contain the coronavirus – contrasting Japan with the U.S.
  • The role of Japanese customs and cultural norms in Japan’s response.
  • Prime Minister Abe’s demand for an “emergency powers” clause in Japan’s Constitution.


Lawrence Rapeta has served as a lawyer, business executive and law professor in Japan and the United States. He has written widely on Japan law issues, especially related to constitutional rights and transparency in government.

Leslie Helm began his career as Tokyo correspondent and then Boston bureau chief for Business Week. He later returned to Tokyo as correspondent for the Los Angeles Times.

VSS – live music

Bring a sense of comfort and renewed hope

We are adding a live music component to our Virtual Speaker Series. For our first VSS-live music, Fumi Tagata and JASSW staff, Lisa Maria are thrilled to share something with you today that comforts us in times of trouble: some beautiful music. As we all continue to deal with the pandemic through social isolation, may this song be a bridge that brings us together. Please enjoy!

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