August 07, 2019: The students visited Panama Hotel before visiting the NVC.

On August 07, 2019, our Executive Director Dale Watanabe greeted 9 high school students and 3 teachers at the Panama hotel. They visited the Nisei Veteran’s Committee shortly after as part of the 2019 Saijo Young Leadership Development Program. Having read Hotel on the Corner of Bitter Sweet by Jamie Ford, the students were able to apply that knowledge and further their understanding of Japanese-American history here in Washington state.

Two days later on August 09, 2019, the students visited Bellevue Children’s Academy to present about furoshiki風呂敷 and our Japan In the Schools presentation, Taro. Upon returning to Saijo City, the students will also present our America In the Schools presentation as ambassadors for the program to the elementary school students in the city.

Students from Saijo presenting Japan In the Schools presentation, Taro.

Starting in 2016, the program has sent 5 – 10 students to Seattle every year to cultivate a more cosmopolitan way of thinking and seeing the world. The Society has been involved with the program since 2016 and we hope to continue to take part in this collaboration and assist in expanding the students’ knowledge of America and cultural exchange.

Thank you letter from the Saijo International Exchange Association.

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