September 18th, 2018

The 28th Annual Grassroots Summit 2018 has officially started!
We are happy to say that all of our participants arrived to Sea-Tac International Airport safely to clear skies and were greeted by our wonderful volunteers. After arriving, all participants had the opportunity to take a tour to Seattle Center or Pike Place Market and visit some of the most iconic locations in Seattle, such as the Space Needle, the Chihuly Glass Museum, the Gum Wall, and the very first Starbucks.

Once everyone returned from their tours, they split off into groups for dinner at Tutta Bella, Hamanasu, Pike Place, the Carlile Room, or Blue Acre. Italian, Japanese, American, German, Mexican, and more! So many dinner choices! Were our participants able to choose a place suitable to their taste and try new flavors?

Thank you to all of our participants who made the long journey from Japan! Despite coming off of a long flight, everyone was so full of energy the aura coming from each individual screamed “GENKI(元気)!”.

Last but not least, a big applause and thank you is in need for all of our volunteers, the Center for International Exchange,and to all of our Sponsors and Coordinators who helped made this event possible and helped make Day 1 a success!

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