The Japan-America Society of the State of Washington is committed to fostering an environment of diversity and inclusion for all people and groups regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation or country of origin.   As part of our mission to deepen friendship and understanding between the people of Washington State and Japan, we strive to open hearts and minds to the intrinsic value of every individual.  Through our programs we help overcome bigotry, hatred, and violence through education, social events, partnering with other organizations, engaging in advocacy, and reporting surrounding bias.  As an organization, we will continue to champion inclusivity, diversity, and social equity.  Join us as we provide a safe, understanding, and supportive environment for LGBTQ and all community members.


Bainbridge Island Exclusion Memorial:

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Nisei Veterans Committee/NVC Foundation:

Nisei Soldier Stamp:

King5 News had a show on “Facing Race” that had good information and discussion with experts on how to talk about race.