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English Pacifica began 20 years ago teaching four elementary school students in the neighborhood the fundamentals of English.

Since then, we have put an emphasis on having students realize that speaking fluent English is an attainable goal; however, it is not something that they can just learn passively at school. It is important to focus on giving people this feeling when they are learning a language. Drawing interest towards learning English is important, but in order to get people interested in other foreign countries as well, we must engage in discussion regarding nations all around the world. In addition, we are aiming to produce lessons about Japan and its role in the world as well as lessons on thinking about what it means to have pride as a Japanese national.

On a separate note, if students can engage in English conversation but do not fully understand the grammar, they will be unable to write proper compositions.  That is why we focus on English conversation at the elementary level and emphasize English grammar at the high school level.

We believe we have the approval of our students on these main points. In our school, the majority of our enrolled students range from elementary school students to university students. We even have students as old as 78, demonstrating the wide range of students that are enrolled with us. Most of our students start coming to our classroom when they are in elementary school and continue until they graduate high school, college, or continue with us even afterwards. Because many of these students continue to learn with us for so long, we slowly start to open up to each other and form strong, personal bonds.

As part of an effort to raise global citizens in Japan, we are actively working towards sending more students overseas. Our goal is to create opportunities for high school students to take educational trips to the United States and to give University students the chance to intern for 2 months at American public organizations.

In addition, the city in which our classroom is located, Sanda City in Hyogo prefecture, has a sister city relationship with Kittitas County in Washington State. We are simply one of many citizens groups working towards the promotion of positive international exchange between students of Kittitas and Sanda.


English Pacificaは今から20年前1997年に近所の小学生4人に簡単な英語を教えることから始まりました。







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